Why Choose Coaxial?

Coaxial (or coax) cable is cabling that sends electrical signals or energy from one place to another. It is primarily used for transmission of television and radio signals because it is audio/visual based and runs on radio frequency. Coax cabling delivers excellent performance and superior electromagnetic energy shielding. Coax cabling comes in a variety of coaxoptions from rigid to flexible depending on your cabling needs. This type of option is commonly known as bend radius. Bend radius is the amount of radius a cable can bend without experiencing unfavorable effects. Coax cabling copper wiring shielded by layers of plastic, mesh, and rubber which shield the signals from degradation and interference.

Coaxial cabling may not be the most technologically advanced cabling on the market today but it has many benefits that keep it in the technological race. Compatibility is the primary benefit of coaxial cabling. It is compatible with such a large variety of products that it has become close to universal. Another great benefit is the cost. Coaxial cabling is very budget friendly and is often used when setting up new small business offices. While it is a bit bulkier than its more expensive counterparts it does get the job done while being less susceptible to interference than standard telephone wire.

At Affordable Telephone Solutions they use only quality materials and name brands for their coaxial cabling choices. If you are looking for affordable cabling for your business give them a call today!

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