No Power? No Problem!

Harsh winter storms are destructive and hindering. They cause power lines to go down leaving many people without an effective way to communicate. As a business owner you depend on your phone to keep you in touch with your customers but what happens when they can’t contact you? Reliable communication is a must! VoIP phone systems are a reliable form of telephone communication while having the flexibility to handle natural…

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

VoIP phone systems offer businesses a way to connect with their customers like phone systems never have before. Not only are they more cost effective for business owners but the VoIP phone service includes features that help customer satisfaction ratings go through the roof. One of the features is where the system calls multiple lines until it finds an employee who answers. This enables the business to gain customer satisfaction…

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Managing your Network’s Router Needs

Quality of Service (QoS) is a tool that comes built into your router to manage the massive amount of data being sent, downloaded, or streamed. QoS in routers evaluate every task and assign it a priority based on the bandwidth available. Tasks like VoIP phone calls or video conferences get top priority to ensure no interruptions or lag time. Using your router you can assign priority to the tasks you…

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Why Should Businesses Switch to VOIP Phone Systems?

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems have become more and more common in both residential and commercial locales. These communication systems are the natural evolution and conflation of Internet, cellular and old-style land line phones. Even with the advent of mobile devices that have almost replaced the old land line style phones, many business and commercial operations have not made the jump. There are many reasons why a business should adopt…

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Securing Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Securing Voice Over IP Phone Systems A voice over IP (VoIP) phone system optimizes the cost of your small business' phone system while making it more portable and flexible than ever. However, being an internet-based system exposes it to several vulnerabilities. Here is how you secure your VOIP phone system from these issues: Use the best IP phone system small business Austin has available This is where you need to start.…

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