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VoIP phone systems help businesses communicate more effectively internally and externally.
Not only is collaboration improved, but your clients will be truly impressed with the professional system they are greeted with when they call your San Diego area business. As we all know, when people work together, the sum is always greater than the parts. When your employees work together, the business does more than succeed, it thrives. When employees can easily reach one another, anytime and anywhere, productivity improves. When customers can reach you easily, questions are resolved, problems are tackled, and customer satisfaction soars.

Improve your voice communications with an VoIP phone system from Affordable Telephone Systems. Our knowledgeable staff (now serving the greater San Diego area) will show you just how much a state-of the-art business phone system can save you each month, and make it easy for you to stay on top of technology in the future. Gone are the days of expensive phone cabling and equipment. VoIP systems offers a wide range of advanced features that typically aren’t available from traditional telephone service providers, including:

  • Unified messaging
  • 3-digit dialing
  • Dial by name
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Follow me forwarding
  • Call screening
  • Music on hold
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Call Logs Call Queues

Voice over IP (VoIP) delivers all of the traditional phone capabilities plus many more features at a substantially lower cost. Your phone system will be flexible, feature-rich, and scalable as your business grows.

Affordable Phone Systems in San Diego

Panasonic, Avaya, NEC phone Systems and More!

At Affordable Telephone Systems, we do not try to force any one type of phone system on our business clients. We are a certified dealer for many of the popular brands and will work with you to understand how you will use your new phone system, what features are most important, then recommend the phone systems that best meet those requirements.

We are a Certified NEC, Panasonic, and Avaya dealer. We also have very successful Mitel and ESI installations. If you would like to raise the bar at your business, and save money in the process, Affordable Telephone Systems should be your next call.

Affordable Telephone Systems
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