VoIP or PTSN; Can’t Decide? You’re Not Alone.

Have you been thinking about upgrading your business phone system but you can’t decide on the best small business telephone? Are you hesitant about fully committing to something and getting locked into having only VoIP or only PTSN?

panaBoth systems do offer appealing attributes; PTSN has been the standard for many years and has proven itself to be a steady network but VoIP is faster, has more features, and has less interference.

Investing in a telephone system is a huge financial decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hybrid telephone systems bring you a solution to your indecision. Hybrid phone systems give you many of the features found only with VoIP phones but they can do it on your current infrastructure. You can run analog and digital office equipment like fax machines and desktop phones off of the hybrid system. It has the capability of video conferencing and helps bring multiple offices together without racking up long distance charges. This way you don’t have to be fully VoIP or PTSN. The hybrid system gives you the freedom to explore both systems so you can gradually choose which system will work best for your business. Consider it a merger between the two. Hybrid phone systems, like the Panasonic KX-TA824, also have the ability to expand up to 8 lines and 24 extensions allowing your business the freedom to grow without worrying about your telephone system.

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