Virtual Receptionist – Can you afford to miss a customer call?

Virtual Receptionist - best small business telephone systemsThe Virtual Receptionist is an Automated Attendant telephony feature that allows phone calls to your business to be routed to the appropriate extension without the need for a live person.  Many Automated Attendant systems offer a simple menu (Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service, etc.) and also allow the caller to reach a live operator.  Automated Attendant features can be part of your telephone system, especially PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems or more advanced IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) systems.

The Automated Attendant is an excellent telephony feature for the small business that needs to stay connected with customers, does not want to pay a full time receptionist, and yet wants a professional, easy-to-use system for routing calls to the appropriate person.  If you have any questions about adding a Virtual Receptionist to your business, call Affordable Telephone Systems today.  They offer the best small business telephone systems and will advise you on the best way to add any new features and functionality to improve your business communications.

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