AIC Merger

Effective January 1’st 2019 I am pleased to announce the merger of AIC and Affordable Telephone Systems of Texas. Affordable Telephone will continue to sell, support, and service: Samsung, ESI, Panasonic and NEC Communication systems. These global brands offer state of the art technologies, including Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Cloud Services. Affordable Telephone Systems of Texas also offers Security Camera Systems, Voice and Data Network Cabling, service, repair and…

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Is Your Phone System an Asset to Your Business?

Technology is ever changing. Improved website designs, Social Media, Online Advertising, and Email Marketing are all popular ways of marketing your business. But perhaps you are overlooking resources you already own that can make a difference in your bottom line. Yes, that’s right – your business phone system. Depending upon the type of phone system you have, one or more of these opportunities may provide an additional boost for your…

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Don’t Be Alarmed – Protect Your Business Assets

One of the most basic features of a business security system is a security alarm.  A security alarm can sound if a door, window, or other closure is opened when it should not be.  For example, an alarm would be initiated if a door is opened outside of normal business hours.Alarms can be triggered automatically through the use of contact closures and motion detectors, or manually via a panic button…

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