How do I program a button as an extension number button?

To Program a Button As An Extension Number Button
Press the button you want to program for about 2 seconds (it will start talking to you, let go of the button)
Enter the extension number
Press the same button you are programming again
Enter the letters for the name according to the dial pad (example for James you would hit 5 for J, then hit #, then hit 2 for A and then hit #, then hit 6 for M and then hit #, for E hit the 3 key two times because it is the second letter on the key and then hit #, for S you would hit the 7 key three times because it is the 3rd letter on that key, and then hit #. You will press # after each letter. To enter a space between words – hit the button immediately to the left of the ESI-DEX button.
When finished hit the # key

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