How do I enter phone numbers into the ESI-DEX?

Adding Phone Numbers to the ESI-DEX:
Press PROGRAM Button
Press the HOLD Button
When it asks for your password enter:
Your password and then hit #
Then press 1 for System Functions
Then press 7 for System Speed Dial
Enter speed dial (Access Code) Select a number that is between 600 – 699 that has not already been used.
Then press #
Enter the letters for the name according to the dial pad (example for James you would hit 5 for J, then hit #, then hit 2 for A and then hit #, then hit 6 for M and then hit #, for E hit the 3 key two times because it is the second letter on the key and then hit #, for S you would hit the 7 key three times because it is the 3rd letter on that key, and then hit #.
Hit the # key after you have entered the whole name.
Enter the phone number with the 9 or whatever number you use to get an outside line first
Enter # after each phone number

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