Buying a Business Phone System

Your phone system is one of the most important pieces of equipment your business owns.  It connects you with other employees and more importantly, the customers and prospects who will buy your products and services.  Business phone systems range in price and in functionality, so choosing the right system for your business today and your   plans for the future is critical.   How do you decide what features you…

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Call Handling through Hunt Groups

A hunt group (or line hunting) is a telephony term for distributing phone calls from a single phone number to a select group of phone lines. A formula or algorithm is used to decide which line receives the next inbound call and how to handle that call in the event a line is busy. There are different types of hunt groups, each using a different algorithm for call handling: Multi-line…

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New Year = More Savings!

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season finally over it is time to begin planning how 2015 can be your greatest business year yet. There is no better time than now to implement a few key changes that can help streamline your company and reduce unnecessary expenditures. The perfect place to begin is with revisiting your current telephone system. Often throughout the year phone companies increase rates, add…

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Bring your Remote Offices Closer with Video Conferencing

Video conferencing plays a key role in managing your day-to-day operations and communications for your small business and in our fast paced world it can be hard to communicate with all of your staff at once. Having the right telephone system for small businesses will improve your productivity, reduce travel costs, decrease misinterpretations, and create faster communications across all areas of your business. There are many advantages to utilizing video…

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VoIP Features to Help Streamline Your Company

VoIP has an abundance of features to choose from that can help your company be more productive. All small business telephone needs will vary a little depending on the type of business. For example a plumber will need to utilize the call forwarding feature more often than a grocery store. With the plethora of features available there is something for just about any type of company. The most common features…

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What is the best type of IP phone for your business?

There are many different choices of VoIP telephone systems for small businesses on the market today. The type you pick should be based on key information about your company such as how many employees you have, how many calls your office makes and receives, and whether or not you need connectivity on the go. There are three main types of VoIP phones that make up the different levels of small…

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How Does Bandwidth Affect Your Voice Over IP Experience?

IP phone systems for small businesses have changed the way everyone communicates. These systems reduce costs, increase productivity, and offer several new and innovative features, such as video chat. Instead of having to run additional phone lines, IP phone systems for small businesses only require a high speed Internet connection. With all of the amazing benefits of IP phone systems, it's important you understand how bandwidth can affect your experience.  …

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