Enjoy Benefits of Structured Cabling

Affordable Telephone Systems is an industry leader in voice and data cabling services. With years of extensive experience, they have serviced countless estates in Southern California with high-end security systems. With an experienced team of installers and digital cabling experts – they have the tools and expertise to secure optimal communications and uniformity across the board. This includes Internet cabling, along with phone systems, CCTV, wireless, and security components. By…

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Choosing the Right Phone System

Making an informed decision when purchasing telephone business equipment is an important part of the planning for the support structure of your company. The phone system in any business is the lifeline between employees, partners, clients, and prospects and cannot be chosen without proper research.  A wrong choice could adversely affect the company’s ability to perform efficiently, scale and grow as needed, and could possibly cause endless frustration. While it…

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Phone System Tune Up

Your telephone system is the heart of your business communications. Regardless of the size of your organization, the phone system is the most critical tool for communicating with your employees and customers.  Keep that tool up-to-date with your business growth and the industry advancements. Have you ever called a company only to be shuffled from person to person, the call terminated suddenly, or worse dropped into a voicemail box with…

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Fiber Optics – The Cabling of Today!

We have been hearing the term fiber optics since the early 90’s but really the concept has been around since the late 1800’s when William Wheeler used the basic concept of fiber optics to use one light source to light his whole home instead of having a light source in each room. Thankfully the technology has come a long way since then but what is fiber optic technology like today?…

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Give Your Server the Room it Needs

Companies that run on a network or that need a lot of computing resources often have one or more workhorse computer(s) known as a server. The servers house the main programs and share the resources between multiple users using a cabling system. Having a server room will help protect this huge asset to your business.  Servers generate a lot of heat and need cooling devices to prevent system malfunctions or…

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Enhance the Speed of Your Office

Almost all businesses run some type of a database, whether it is a medical office that has a patient database, a retail store with an inventory database, or a service based company like a plumber who has a client database. Everyone has the need to either store information, download information, or send information. The type of data cabling your office runs on could be affecting the speed at which your…

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Creating your Dream Office Space

Designing your office from the ground up gives you the freedom to fully customize the layout of your building. However, building your new business can be a stressful task fraught with many difficult choices. It requires you to become an expert on construction, phone installation, structured data cabling, electrical wiring, and much more. You must be savvy about the equipment you outfit your company with and ensure that if your…

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How Does Bandwidth Affect Your Voice Over IP Experience?

IP phone systems for small businesses have changed the way everyone communicates. These systems reduce costs, increase productivity, and offer several new and innovative features, such as video chat. Instead of having to run additional phone lines, IP phone systems for small businesses only require a high speed Internet connection. With all of the amazing benefits of IP phone systems, it's important you understand how bandwidth can affect your experience.  …

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Why Choose Coaxial?

Coaxial (or coax) cable is cabling that sends electrical signals or energy from one place to another. It is primarily used for transmission of television and radio signals because it is audio/visual based and runs on radio frequency. Coax cabling delivers excellent performance and superior electromagnetic energy shielding. Coax cabling comes in a variety of options from rigid to flexible depending on your cabling needs. This type of option is…

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