Enjoy Benefits of Structured Cabling

Affordable Telephone Systems is an industry leader in voice and data cabling services. With years of extensive experience, they have serviced countless estates in Southern California with high-end security systems. With an experienced team of installers and digital cabling experts – they have the tools and expertise to secure optimal communications and uniformity across the board. This includes Internet cabling, along with phone systems, CCTV, wireless, and security components. By…

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Wiring Your Business for Growth

With all of the major technological advances being made in this century the demands of your customers are increasing exponentially with each new discovery. Your business must be able to stay abreast of these changes and rise to meet the needs of your clients. Your office must be able to work quickly and efficiently. Having the wrong cabling in your business can slow your response time and create an unproductive…

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Enhance the Speed of Your Office

Almost all businesses run some type of a database as well as using a database as a service, whether it is a medical office that has a patient database, a retail store with an inventory database, or a service based company like a plumber who has a client database. Everyone has the need to either store information, download information, or send information. The type of data cabling your office runs…

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The Benefits of Structured Data Cabling

Structured data cabling is the wiring in your office walls that transmits all of the incoming and outgoing electronic information for your company and when it is installed by structured voice and data cabling companies it will enhance your small business productivity. The advent of better and superior technology has led to standard communication infrastructures becoming obsolete. Through structured data cabling you are able to connect faster, share more data,…

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Creating your Dream Office Space

Designing your office from the ground up gives you the freedom to fully customize the layout of your building. However, building your new business can be a stressful task fraught with many difficult choices. It requires you to become an expert on construction, phone installation, structured data cabling, electrical wiring, and much more. You must be savvy about the equipment you outfit your company with and ensure that if your…

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