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Are you happy with the security of your business premises? Do you feel that you have the rigsecurity systemsht equipment in the best locations of your building to insure the safety of your property and your personnel?

Here is some useful information on Security Cameras and Surveillance Monitoring to help you decide if you are well protected.

Security Cameras and Surveillance Monitoring

Security Cameras come in a range of prices and features. You will want to understand all of your needs and your budget before you buy.  Here are a few helpful questions to get you started:

What areas must be protected?

Doors and other entry ways are a likely place to start.  The property perimeter and any parking areas are also important.  Consider identifying expensive equipment or valuable data and monitoring those areas also.

Identify the camera range and resolution needed

If your property or your business building is very large, some areas may require long range cameras to fulfill your requirement.  Clear footage is also a concern.

Do you need night vision cameras?

Cameras can be equipped with built-in infrared LED’s that allow you to identify a person in low light conditions.  Determine which areas you are monitoring require this feature.

Do you require remote viewing of the camera images or are recorded images sufficient?

If you are monitoring and entrance and want to see who you are admitting to your business before you open the door, then real-time monitoring is important.  Many camera systems also allow remote viewing using a PC, tablet, or smart phone.  Decide how your system will be used.

How much storage will I need for recorded video or images?

This will depend upon which cameras are on 24×7, the image quality, and the number of cameras deployed.  The biggest question to ask yourself is how long you will retain the recorded data.  Your daily recording size together with your retention schedule will help you determine the size of your storage requirements.

Any special camera requirements?

Here are some features to consider:

  • Wireless
  • Battery backup or powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Light sensitive
  • Audio recording
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom for object tracking
  • Motion detected image capture
  • Hidden or disguised cameras
  • Waterproof cameras

Keeping your business property and personnel safe is big challenge and a mission critical task. At Affordable Telephone Systems, we specialize in matching the right security systems to the customer’s business needs – big and small.

We sell the highest quality products in a range of prices.  We don’t try to sell you features you don’t need.  We are here to help guide you through the process of selecting the best security system for your business.  We provide professional installation and support when you need us.  We are always available, always willing to assist!  Call us today for a free assessment.

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