Lower Phone Costs with a SIP Phone

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While your phone bill may not be the highest overall operating expense in your business, it is a monthly charge that, when reduced, can provide significant savings over time. Phone bills are often overlooked and simply considered a necessary cost of doing business. And worse, if you are skimping on your phone system to save money, you may be hampering growth and stifling productivity. If you could lower your cost…

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Lower Cost Than You’re Paying Now*

Upgrade to a new, state of the art SIP phone system at a LOWER COST THAN YOU'RE PAYING NOW!* Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is becoming the common signaling standard for your real-time communications that use VoIP. SIP enables you to seamlessly connect with your existing premise-based phone systems using out carrier-class voice network. Costing Example: Current monthly phone bill $220 + taxes Vs New SIP monthly phone bill $93 + taxes…

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