Residential Estate Security Systems – Are you protected?

Estate homes in southern California along the coastal areas of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Malibu, and Santa Monica offer spectacular ocean views with grounds that feature separate structures (main house and guest houses). These properties alone are valued in the multi-millions of dollars and the homes and furnishings are stunning and worth even more. Are you protected from intruders? How do you adequately protect an expansive property, your home and guest…

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Business Security Systems Provide Safety, Peace of Mind

Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about whether or not your store is secure. For many small businesses, a break-in or robbery can be a financial disaster, sometimes even enough to push you out of business. Even continual issues with small items being shoplifted can place strain on your business, and leave you feeling violated. Whether you're worried about security after you lock up and go…

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Individual Codes for All!

When protecting your company it is best to install a security system and hire an outside company that can monitor your business and send you alerts when something is wrong. A third party monitoring company will bring impartiality and greater attentiveness to your business’ security. One of the great features of having an outside company is that you gain access to the useful tools they have to offer like individual…

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Small Business Security Systems – Can you afford not to have one?

It's your small business and you've worked hard for it. Don't you think you should protect your livelihood and investment with a security system? In any case, every small business benefits from installing a security system. The following information explains a few of those benefits and why a security system for your small business is simply a necessity. Keep Bad Guys Out Small business security systems are designed to prevent…

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