Residential Estate Security Systems – Are you protected?

home securityEstate homes in southern California along the coastal areas of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Malibu, and Santa Monica offer spectacular ocean views with grounds that feature separate structures (main house and guest houses). These properties alone are valued in the multi-millions of dollars and the homes and furnishings are stunning and worth even more.

Are you protected from intruders?

How do you adequately protect an expansive property, your home and guest villas, and your family members and guests from intruders, aside from hiring locksmiths from Locksmith Englewood?

Consider an Estate Security System from Affordable Telephone Systems

Located in the heart of the southern California coastal region, Affordable Telephone Systems is conveniently located in Ventura, CA and has built some of the most secure, high-tech estate monitoring systems for residents of Malibu, Santa Barbara, and surrounding areas.

Their surveillance systems provide easy access to monitor the entire property with IP cameras strategically installed. These security systems are completely wireless and can be controlled remotely at all times. Property access points can be viewed live and recorded video can be used to search necessary footage of incidents. Gate cameras and Gate access can be controlled remotely as well, allowing you or security agents to see who is requesting entrance.

Choosing the right residential estate security and services like Kwikey Locksmith is an important step in protecting you family and property which is not your home only, but your car, etc. Talk to a company with years of experience and extremely satisfied customers.

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