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voip phoneFor many businesses VoIP phone systems can be an exemplary choice. VoIP systems offer fully-features with some of the most advanced efficient technology in addition to considerable cost savings.

Yet it would seem there many companies are afraid to move to a VoIP system.  They are unsure about call quality, fearful if their network has enough bandwidth to support transporting voice packets in a timely fashion.

Today’s networks carry a variety of traffic from data (email, texting, file download, etc.) to video (including streaming video, gaming, and video conferencing). If voice packets are among the mix, how do we guarantee good voice quality?

The anvoipswer is two-fold. The first important step is to assess the bandwidth utilization of the network and the impact added packets might create. If the network is already at saturation, then added voice packets is not smart.

However, if the network does have the bandwidth to support carrying voice packets, then the next step is ensuring proper Quality of Service.

Quality of Service or (QoS) is an important aspect in today’s multi-media communications. QoS is a means of measuring and providing priority for certain types of packets being sent across the network. If your network has the bandwidth to support voice then giving voice packets the highest priority will insure they are sent reliably and expediently even if there is minor congestion in the network.

If you are unsure about your ability to support VoIP but would like to learn more about this wonderful technology and features, contact the experts at Affordable Telephone Systems.  They can quickly help you understand if a VoIP phone system is right for you and suggest alternative if it isn’t. Get a business phone system that is right for your business at a price that is right for your budget.  Call Affordable today!

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