Phone System Tune Up

structured voice and data cabling companiesYour telephone system is the heart of your business communications. Regardless of the size of your organization, the phone system is the most critical tool for communicating with your employees and customers.  Keep that tool up-to-date with your business growth and the industry advancements.

Have you ever called a company only to be shuffled from person to person, the call terminated suddenly, or worse dropped into a voicemail box with no return response? Don’t let these things frustrate your customers or potential clients into calling your competitors.  Make a periodic review of your telecommunications and focus on these steps for tuning up your phone system and your image:

  1. Look at new technology.  Like your computer systems which are old technology months after you purchase them, the phone systems are constantly evolving also. Your communications capabilities are a reflection of your business image.  Don’t get stuck in the Stone Age. Stay on top of technology and plan for your next upgrade.
  2. Check your network and cabling. Ensure that you have the proper bandwidth and cabling structure to handle your current and projected growth.  Don’t wait for problems to occur that are noticed by your clients. Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization and the tools they use every day.
  3. Look at Bundled Services from your provider. Very often businesses can select a bundle service that covers multiple features such as wired and wireless phone service. These bundles offer savings over the separate services and make tracking and accounting even easier.
  4. Consult with an expert in telephone systems who will help you uncover issues you didn’t consider or new technology you are unaware of. Give your phone system a checkup and tune up so you can plan ahead for changes and expenses to keep your infrastructure aligned with your business needs.

structured voice and data cabling companies

If you need a trusted advisor to guide you through the myriad of phone system features, cabling and installation details, and support you as your company grows, look no further. Affordable Telephone Systems is a structured voice and data cabling company that can assist with the cabling, installation, and operation of your telephone system.  Choose someone who has been a local expert for over 25 years, a reliable business partner who can help with all your phone, cabling, and security needs.  Call Affordable Telephone Systems today!

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