No Power? No Problem!

Harsh winter storms are destructive and hindering. They cause power lines to go down leaving many people without an effective way to communicate. snowAs a business owner you depend on your phone to keep you in touch with your customers but what happens when they can’t contact you? Reliable communication is a must! VoIP phone systems are a reliable form of telephone communication while having the flexibility to handle natural disasters. With features like call continuity you will never miss a call. This feature allows you to have your VoIP system automatically forward calls to a mobile device when your main office line loses connectivity. You will be the business with a working phone system while all of your competitors remain unavailable to their clients. And don’t forget, if the weather is bad enough that neither you nor any of your employees can even get to the office you can switch it up and have your VoIP phone system use its forwarding feature to forward all your calls to a home or cell phone. This will help safeguard your company so you won’t ever be unavailable to your customers, even in a blizzard! So switch to a VoIP phone system this winter and ensure your company can meet your customers’ demands all winter long without interruption.

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