Lower Cost Than You’re Paying Now*

esiscreensUpgrade to a new, state of the art SIP phone system at a LOWER COST THAN YOU’RE PAYING NOW!*

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is becoming the common signaling standard for your real-time communications that use VoIP. SIP enables you to seamlessly connect with your existing premise-based phone systems using out carrier-class voice network.

Costing Example:

Current monthly phone bill $220 + taxes


New SIP monthly phone bill $93 + taxes
New phone system monthly cost $83 + taxes (60 month term)
for a TOTAL COST of $176 + taxes for a savings of $44/month for the first 60 months, then
FURTHER REDUCED to$127/month thereafter.

Call Jack Green at Affordable Telephone to get started
(805) 658-2329.

*Savings based on a monthly phone service of more than $176