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security systems for small businessOne of the most basic features of a business security system is a security alarm.  A security alarm can sound if a door, window, or other closure is opened when it should not be.  For example, an alarm would be initiated if a door is opened outside of normal business hours.

Alarms can be triggered automatically through the use of contact closures and motion detectors, or manually via a panic button inside the office.  The alarm can be an audible sound alerting the intruder that their presence has been detected, or it can be a silent alarm sent to security or to a 911 dispatch, or both.

Keeping your business, your employees, and your data safe from theft or damage is critical to your peace of mind.  Trust your local experts, Affordable Telephone Systems.  They will provide you with information on the best security systems for small businesses in your industry and help you with the installation and operation. Security is not an option any more, it’s a necessity.  Call a name you can trust for the best security systems for small business, Affordable Telephone Systems. Don’t be alarmed, be protected!

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