Is Your Phone System an Asset to Your Business?

ImageTechnology is ever changing. Improved website designs, Social Media, Online Advertising, and Email Marketing are all popular ways of marketing your business. But perhaps you are overlooking resources you already own that can make a difference in your bottom line.

Yes, that’s right – your business phone system. Depending upon the type of phone system you have, one or more of these opportunities may provide an additional boost for your business.

Advertising On Hold – While you like to keep your customer wait time on the phone to a minimum, there is a small window of opportunity to introduce your customers and prospects to your new products and services. Keep it brief, keep it fresh, and keep it focused on the benefits you offer them. This is a simple way to keep people informed while they wait.

Call Monitoring – Your business has many touch points within your organization and it is important to be sure they are all presenting your products, services, and messaging in a consistent and positive manner. Improving customer service through call monitoring can be an excellent way of insuring your customers remain your loyal customers and continue purchasing from you.

Call Recording – There are many ways that call recording can benefit your business. Call recording improves customer satisfaction and quality control by allowing you to review a call after it has happened. Perhaps your support team missed a critical piece of information during their discussion with the client, or an issue is escalating and needs senior support. The recorded call can provide the information necessary to improve the outcome without requiring the customer to repeat information, possibly making them more irritated then necessary. Call recording can also be useful in training new staff, helpful in performing employee performance reviews, and in limiting corporate liability.

Customer Database Integration – A good business phone system can be integrated with your customer database so that customers can be greeted personally and all the information about the client is immediately available. With all the data at hand, the client question or concern can be handled professionally and expeditiously leaving them with a positive impression of your business.

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