Installing Security Cameras While Respecting Privacy

Preventing theft in the workplace is an important concern, but when do the company security policies and invasive camera surveillance become unreasonable?

Company theft can cost your business a lot of money when you consider the lost inventory, compromised data, and the time spent on recovering and restoring the loss. While it is surveillanceyour responsibility to protect your company’s assets and data, you also need to respect the rights of your employee’s to reasonable privacy.

Here are some suggestions for introducing increased security in the workplace without introducing stress and concern amongst your staff.

Cameras – Small, inconspicuous or complete hidden cameras will reduce the feeling of being watched.  Further, a hidden camera will be less likely to be disabled or destroyed by the perpetrator and valuable data salvaged to catch and prosecute the criminal.

Placement – Don’t place cameras in restrooms, locker rooms, or other places where people assume they are not being watched.  It is an invasion of privacy where it is not necessarily needed.  If you own a clothing store with Fitting Rooms, that’s a different situation.  Carefully worded postings in the Fitting Room can mitigate the situation.

Communicate – Be an effective communicator and set expectations and provide updates on any changes in security measures to your employees.  By being open about the changes it will eliminate suspicion and increase their feelings of safety in the work environment.

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