Individual Codes for All!

When protecting your company it is best to install a security system and hire an outside company that can monitor your business and send you alerts when something is wrong. A third party monitoring company will bring impartiality and greater attentiveness to your business’ security.

sspicOne of the great features of having an outside company is that you gain access to the useful tools they have to offer like individual access codes. Any business that has employees has the responsibility to protect them while they are on the job. Assigning individual codes helps to safeguard the company by recording who disarms the security system, what time it is turned off, and what entry point was used to get into the building.

This information is important to the company for several reasons. First, it monitors exactly what time employees come and go. This helps the payroll department audit timecards for inaccuracies and keep the payroll costs at a minimum. It also means that if a robbery or vandalism occurs at your business your security system can help establish a time line. Secondly, when each employee has their own individual code it creates a report so that in case of employee theft you can begin to eliminate people based on who triggered their access. Lastly it will record what area of the building was entered. This is useful because it maps out what doors or windows were opened so you can pinpoint the areas that were breached.

Just having these few safeguards can save your company lost time, keep your payroll costs accurate, and discourage employee theft. For help setting up your small business security system give Affordable Telephone a call today!

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