How Does Bandwidth Affect Your Voice Over IP Experience?

IP phone systems for small businesses have changed the way everyone communicates. These systems reduce costs, increase productivity, and offer several new and innovative features, such as video chat. Instead of having to run additional phone lines, IP phone systems for small businesses only require a high speed Internet connection. With all of the amazing benefits of IP phone systems, it’s important you understand how bandwidth can affect your experience.  

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth reflects the amount of data transferred over an Internet connection each second. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, and the majority of connections have a scale of megabits per second. Before you choose one Internet provider over the other, it’s important to make sure you understand its specified maximum bandwidth. If the quality of your phone calls over your IP phone system in Ventura is suffering, it could be the bandwidth or other factors that combine to limit the bandwidth for your phone.bandwith

Downstream and Upstream Bandwidth

Anytime your computer, phone, or other system accesses the Internet, information flows to and from the device. When data flows from the device, it’s called upstream. When data flows to the device, it’s called downstream. In most cases, more data is flowing to the device, which is why the majority of Internet providers prioritize downstream bandwidth. However, several VoIP calls, video chats, large data transfers, and remote access require much more upstream bandwidth. If your IP phone is suffering from low quality, you may want to increase your upstream bandwidth.

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