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Affordable Telephone Systems specializes in high tech estate security solutions in Santa Barbara. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to integrate all security networks for homes and businesses. This includes cabling, along with phone, CCTV, and wireless remote options. From Malibu to Beverly Hills, Affordable Telephone Systems is on the pulse of new security technologies – and feature comprehensive and cohesive platforms for optimal protection and assurance. Whether for large estates or gated sub-divisions, our cutting-edge technologies are designed to protect families and properties 24/7. With a highly dedicated and certified team of installers and maintenance professionals, we are committed to excellence in all security system installations and upgrades.

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In this day and age, it is vital to protect your loved ones and properties. Instead of paying outrageous fees for multiple monitoring systems, why not get a fully compatible and integrated security platform for the home or office? Affordable Telephone Systems continues to receive stellar review and industry ratings for our security installations, maintenance, and updates. We are also proud to offer the following for new and existing home and business owners:

• Professional security system installations and maintenance.
• Cabling, phone, CCTV, and complete integration of all security networks.
• Intercoms – keypads – cameras – key less entry.
• Wireless integration with mobile devices and remotes.

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