Give Your Server the Room it Needs

Companies that run on a network or that need a lot of computing resources often have one or more workhorse computer(s) known as a server. The servers house the main programs and share the resources between multiple users using a cabling system. Having a server room will help protect this huge asset to your business.  sdc

Servers generate a lot of heat and need cooling devices to prevent system malfunctions or thermal shut down. When you have a server room you can protect the servers with climate control. If these servers are the cornerstone of your business then you also need to consider outside threats like earthquakes, fires, and theft.

Examples of the types of protection available would be ceramic paneling to block heat from the outside, fire suppression systems that use gas to extinguish flames, and locking server cabinets that will protect the servers in the event of an earthquake. But the best way to protect your server room is to design the room with the help of cabling professionals who will assess the room and recommend what type of cabling would work best for your business. They know the benefits of fiber optic cabling, the disadvantages of copper wiring, and speed capabilities of structured data cabling. Working with them to design and install the cabling system for your server room lays the perfect foundation for any business’ computer infrastructure.

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