Exploring the ‘Ins And Outs’ Of Business VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

The rapid adoption of business VoIP phone systems has been necessitated by many factors, with lower telephony costs being at the forefront. VoIP offers many other benefits over traditional telephone systems which include providing flexibility, scalability, advanced functionality and unified communications for the whole business. Below is a brief look at the pros and cons of VoIP systems. Many businesses use Multiple virtual phone numbers to improve the customer service.


1. Lower Cost: Affordability is perhaps the leading advantage that VoIP phone systems have over traditional business telephone systems. VoIP costs are significantly lower in as far as both the initial investment and monthly recurrent charges are concerned. Some simple VoIP phone systems consist of software which enable businesses to make free PC to PC calls.

2. Scalability: VoIP systems are very scalable and can be tailored to fit your individual requirements and/or budget. VoIP phone systems come in many forms; some only limit you to making calls to other VoIP-based telephone systems, while other VoIP phone systems can make calls to any kind of phone system check out Cleod9 Voice here!

3. Flexibility: VoIP systems enable businesses with employees in remote locations to communicate seamlessly, and at lower costs. VoIP allows you to add “unlimited” telephones and/or telephone numbers – only limited by the bandwidth capacity. In case you need to add more telephones/numbers, just add extra bandwidth capacity to your system.


Latency: VoIP business telephone systems sometimes suffer from latency issues resulting from delays in reassembling data packets. VoIP systems work by converting voice into digital data, and placing the data into packets for transmission over the Internet. When the packets arrive at the recipient’s end, they may not necessarily be in the correct order and thus may require some time for the VoIP system to reassemble. Various solutions such as compression algorithms have been implemented to help deal with latency issues, especially when insufficient bandwidth is the cause.

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