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Almost all businesses run some type of a database, whether it is a medical office that has a patient database, a retail store with an inventory database, or a service based company like a plumber who has a client database. Everyone has the need to either store information, download information, or send information. The type of data cabling your office runs on could be affecting the speed at which your employees work. If you can only download less than one gigabit per minute you are handicapping your employees and you should give serious thought to upgrading to structured data cabling. cab There are three types of structured data cabling and the needs of your office will determine what a telephone company will install. A Cat5e is the most economical structured data cabling. It can transmit up to one gigabit of information and is a good choice for many small businesses. Cat6 structured data cabling has the capacity to transmit larger amounts of information up to 10 gigabits. Cat7 structured data cabling has the same capacity that the Cat6 structured data cabling has only it is shielded which makes it less prone to electromagnetic interferences. Structured data cabling is the way to go in order to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Just remember that improper installation can wreak havoc on your structured data cabling system so be sure to hire expert structured data cabling installation professionals. Make Affordable Telephone Systems your one stop shop for all your structured voice and data cabling needs. They will help you get your office outfitted with the best structured data cabling for your company. Give Affordable Telephone a call today!

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