Creating your Dream Office Space

Designing your office from the ground up gives you the freedom to fully customize the layout of your building. However, building your new business can be a stressful task fraught with many difficult choices. It requires you to become an expert on construction, phone installation, structured data cabling, electrical wiring, and much more. You must be savvdatacy about the equipment you outfit your company with and ensure that if your business expands it can grow with you. You also want to be sure to place connections for phones and Internet in strategic places around your office to maximize employee productivity. Structured data cabling makes wiring your business for phone and internet connections a breeze. Data cabling enables your business to save space because instead of multiple lines you only need one cable. It is easily changeable which allows you to redo the layout of your office if needed. It is capable of expansion as your company grows. It is a lightning fast system that delivers data packets without long delays. Affordable Telephone Systems is a leader in their industry known for their quality installation service and products.

The standpipe piezometer has a perforated PVC body containing a 75-micron filter element. It allows levelling and sampling of groundwater and in-situ permeability testing. Upgrading with a diaphragm type piezometer (Model 1100 or Model 1200) is possible at a different stage.

Affordable Telephone Systems offers professional consultation and site survey followed by cabling solution design and engineering. Not only do they supply all of the materials but they offer complete installation and maintenance for a cohesive and quality job from start to finish. Call Affordable Telephone Systems for all of your structured voice and data cabling needs.

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