Call Queue Features

VoIP phones offer many features and all of them are designed to assist the phone user and make them more efficient. Call queue is a feature that helps not only one user but multiple users on the entire office’s telephone system. Call queue is designed for businesses that have a large amount of incoming calls. This feature receives the calls, answers them, and places them in vphonequeues that have been set up to be the most advantageous for the company. Once in the queues the calls can have advertisements, soothing music, or customized messages playing for your clients. Almost every part of this feature is customizable to fit your business from the information clients hear on hold to the way calls are assigned to your employees.

Call queue has the ability to be assigned many different ways and even has a feature that allows the employees to have a pause between calls in case they need to take notes, write a quick assessment of the last call, or take a bathroom break. Call queue can handle as many as 15 calls in each queue at one time and depending on your phone system’s capabilities you can have 5-6 queues set up. With your system able to handle 75 calls at once it will allow you to serve your customers in a prompt, pleasing, and timely manner.

If call queue is a feature you think would benefit your business but you haven’t yet upgraded to VoIP phones in your office give Affordable Telephone Solutions a call. They will come out and do a free assessment to help you get started.

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