Call Handling through Hunt Groups

hunt group - affordable telephone systems for small businessA hunt group (or line hunting) is a telephony term for distributing phone calls from a single phone number to a select group of phone lines. A formula or algorithm is used to decide which line receives the next inbound call and how to handle that call in the event a line is busy. There are different types of hunt groups, each using a different algorithm for call handling:

Multi-line hunting – In multi-line hunting multiple inbound lines act as a single group. If a line is busy, the call goes to the next line in the group.

Linear hunting – With linear hunting, calls are delivered to the first in the group if available, then the second, third, etc. in succession. The first line in the group always gets the call if available.

Circular hunting – This hunting type provides a more even distribution of calls in a round robin fashion and is particularly useful for fax and electronic answering equipment.

Most idle hunting – Another good way to distribute calls to a group, most idle hunting delivers calls (as the name suggests) to the line which has been idle longest.

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