Smile – You’re on Candid Camera

Are you happy with the security of your business premises? Do you feel that you have the right equipment in the best locations of your building to insure the safety of your property and your personnel? Here is some useful information on Security Cameras and Surveillance Monitoring to help you decide if you are well protected. Security Cameras and Surveillance Monitoring Security Cameras come in a range of prices and…

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Installing Security Cameras While Respecting Privacy

Preventing theft in the workplace is an important concern, but when do the company security policies and invasive camera surveillance become unreasonable? Company theft can cost your business a lot of money when you consider the lost inventory, compromised data, and the time spent on recovering and restoring the loss. While it is your responsibility to protect your company’s assets and data, you also need to respect the rights of…

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Business Security – Are You Being Targeted?

Is your business protected from theft and intrusion? Theft can occur anywhere, the workplace is no exception. It is important to guard your assets, your business records, and most importantly your employees. If you are in such a situation, you need to take a look at to keep your assets and records safe.  There are many options to choose from to secure your business from harm.  Indoor and outdoor security…

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Lights, Camera, Action – Secure your Business Today!

One of the most basic features of a business security system is a security alarm.  A security alarm can sound if a door, window, or other closure is opened when it should not be.  For example, an alarm would be initiated if a door is opened outside of normal business hours. Alarms can be triggered automatically through the use of contact closures and motion detectors, or manually via a panic…

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Individual Codes for All!

When protecting your company it is best to install a security system and hire an outside company that can monitor your business and send you alerts when something is wrong. A third party monitoring company will bring impartiality and greater attentiveness to your business’ security. One of the great features of having an outside company is that you gain access to the useful tools they have to offer like individual…

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Security Systems: DIY or Professional Installation?

When you are purchasing a security system for your business there are several factors you must take into account. What type of system do you want for your business? Purchasing the hardware for your system can be expensive especially when you aren’t sure of exactly what you want. What services do you want included with your security system? Remote access, silent alarms, and other automated services are things that need…

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Have you really protected everything?

By now you already know that having a security system for your small business is a must but is it performing at its maximum potential or is it operating at its minimum capabilities? Will an intruder be able to snatch up one or more of your valuable assets and leave before the police arrive? Don’t wait to find out - Do something about it! You can set up your security…

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Don’t be a Victim – Get your business the protection it needs today!

In every business there are risks – it can be anything from financial risks to physical risks but as a business owner your job is to minimize as many of the risks as you can. A huge risk to a business is theft and vandalism.  Having a good small business security system and protocol is an excellent step in trying to prevent loss or damage to your business. For example,…

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Small Business Security Systems – Can you afford not to have one?

It's your small business and you've worked hard for it. Don't you think you should protect your livelihood and investment with a security system? In any case, every small business benefits from installing a security system. The following information explains a few of those benefits and why a security system for your small business is simply a necessity. Keep Bad Guys Out Small business security systems are designed to prevent…

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