Lights, Camera, Action – Secure your Business Today!

One of the most basic features of a business security system is a security alarm.  A security alarm can sound if a door, window, or other closure is opened when it should not be.  For example, an alarm would be initiated if a door is opened outside of normal business hours. Alarms can be triggered automatically through the use of contact closures and motion detectors, or manually via a panic…

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Security – Is Your Business Protected!

Since 911, homeland security has been a high priority for our country, our state and local government, businesses, and individuals. In all cases, improving the security of our borders, our infrastructure, our data, and our people has been paramount to this country. If you are a small business owner wondering about the value of security systems for your retail or office building, don’t continue to operate in the dark. Take…

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Have you really protected everything?

By now you already know that having a security system for your small business is a must but is it performing at its maximum potential or is it operating at its minimum capabilities? Will an intruder be able to snatch up one or more of your valuable assets and leave before the police arrive? Don’t wait to find out - Do something about it! You can set up your security…

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Don’t be a Victim – Get your business the protection it needs today!

In every business there are risks – it can be anything from financial risks to physical risks but as a business owner your job is to minimize as many of the risks as you can. A huge risk to a business is theft and vandalism.  Having a good small business security system and protocol is an excellent step in trying to prevent loss or damage to your business. For example,…

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