Virtual Receptionist – Can you afford to miss a customer call?

The Virtual Receptionist is an Automated Attendant telephony feature that allows phone calls to your business to be routed to the appropriate extension without the need for a live person.  Many Automated Attendant systems offer a simple menu (Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service, etc.) and also allow the caller to reach a live operator.  Automated Attendant features can be part of your telephone system, especially PBX (Private…

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Lights, Camera, Action – Secure your Business Today!

One of the most basic features of a business security system is a security alarm.  A security alarm can sound if a door, window, or other closure is opened when it should not be.  For example, an alarm would be initiated if a door is opened outside of normal business hours. Alarms can be triggered automatically through the use of contact closures and motion detectors, or manually via a panic…

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Security – Is Your Business Protected!

Since 911, homeland security has been a high priority for our country, our state and local government, businesses, and individuals. In all cases, improving the security of our borders, our infrastructure, our data, and our people has been paramount to this country. If you are a small business owner wondering about the value of security systems for your retail or office building, don’t continue to operate in the dark. Take…

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What is VoIP and would it work well for my business?

VoIP is a term that gets tossed around a fair amount these days, but what does is really mean and how do I know it will work well for my business? The term VoIP business phone system means a group of phones that work together in a business environment using Internet Protocol. The voice packets are digitized and sent over the internet using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to guarantee the…

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Fiber Optics – The Cabling of Today!

We have been hearing the term fiber optics since the early 90’s but really the concept has been around since the late 1800’s when William Wheeler used the basic concept of fiber optics to use one light source to light his whole home instead of having a light source in each room. Thankfully the technology has come a long way since then but what is fiber optic technology like today?…

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No Power? No Problem!

Harsh winter storms are destructive and hindering. They cause power lines to go down leaving many people without an effective way to communicate. As a business owner you depend on your phone to keep you in touch with your customers but what happens when they can’t contact you? Reliable communication is a must! VoIP phone systems are a reliable form of telephone communication while having the flexibility to handle natural…

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

VoIP phone systems offer businesses a way to connect with their customers like phone systems never have before. Not only are they more cost effective for business owners but the VoIP phone service includes features that help customer satisfaction ratings go through the roof. One of the features is where the system calls multiple lines until it finds an employee who answers. This enables the business to gain customer satisfaction…

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Give Your Server the Room it Needs

Companies that run on a network or that need a lot of computing resources often have one or more workhorse computer(s) known as a server. The servers house the main programs and share the resources between multiple users using a cabling system. Having a server room will help protect this huge asset to your business.  Servers generate a lot of heat and need cooling devices to prevent system malfunctions or…

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Individual Codes for All!

When protecting your company it is best to install a security system and hire an outside company that can monitor your business and send you alerts when something is wrong. A third party monitoring company will bring impartiality and greater attentiveness to your business’ security. One of the great features of having an outside company is that you gain access to the useful tools they have to offer like individual…

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