7 VoIP Phone Features to Improve your Growing Business

voip phone systems for small businessMany small businesses are making the switch to VoIP phone systems.  There are some great advantages to cloud-based phone systems.  Here are a few for you to consider as your business grows and matures:

  1. Call Routing – If your small business has a mobile workforce (sales or technicians on the road), then this feature may be just what you need. Find me / follow me call routing allows you to create a list of phone numbers where you can be found, before your call ends up in voicemail.  Don’t let those critical call backs go unanswered.  Consider call routing for your small business professionals. Consider opting for telephone system Melbourne to ease your ways with the mobile technology used for business.
  1. Call Detail Reports – Don’t manage your business in the dark.  Learn how you company spends its time through extensive call detail reporting.  VoIP systems have all the data to help you manage your business effectively.  Review details of your call history including call origination, destination, duration and cost.  Compare month over month and be on top of your game.
  2. Auto Attendant – Many VoIP systems include an automated attendant feature that helps route calls without the expense of a full time receptionist.  Your business will appear more professional and more available.  Your customers will appreciate the ability to get to the person or department they need right away.
  3. Call Screening – Have you been in a meeting but anticipating an important phone call, excuse yourself to answer the phone only to be interrupted by a telemarketing call.  Call screening delivers the data to keep you focused where you need to be.  Caller ID information allows you to prioritize calls and decide how the caller is to be handled.
  4. Music on Hold – If your company has to put callers on hold for information look up, to confer with experts or supervisors, or simply to help direct the caller to the right destination, don’t subject your clients to deadly silence or lousy elevator music.  VoIP phone systems allow you to choose what your caller hears.  Important messaging, improved music, lasting impressions.
  5. Coaching Tools – Don’t give your employees advice after it’s too late. Coaching can be much more effective during the call whether it is information on policies, how to handle a difficult customer, or just training a new employee on how you want your business presented.  Handle these coaching opportunities in real time with Barge and Whisper features which allow you to monitor or assist without the client being aware.
  6. Do Not Disturb – The Do Not Disturb feature protects your valuable time with clients, in conference, or during lunch meetings.  Best of all, you can program the system to offer the caller another destination or your voicemail so they feel cared for, not ignored.

There are many great phone features today both in traditional phone systems and in cloud-based VoIP systems.  Let your local expert help you discover what phone systems best meet your business needs.  Affordable Telephone Systems provides consultation and installation of traditional and VoIP phone systems for small business.  Choose a reliable business partner who can help with all your phone, cabling, and security needs.  Call Affordable Telephone Systems today!   1-866-666-9650

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